Are Infrared Outdoor Heaters Safe?

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As the seasons shift and temperatures cool, a crisp chill can linger in the air, making it less inviting to enjoy our outdoor spaces. However, heaters provide an effective solution for keeping your outdoor areas warm and inviting throughout the year. While some may have concerns about the intense heat these heaters emit, it’s important to know they are designed with safety features that offer peace of mind, ensuring their durability and protection for the surrounding environment.

Bromic Heating stands out in the outdoor heating market with its award-winning designs, combining style with durability. These heaters are known for their market-leading power, providing effective heating for various outdoor spaces. Safety is paramount, with Bromic heaters featuring built-in safety features like automatic shut-off mechanisms and robust construction. Whether it’s the Eclipse, Platinum, or the Tungsten series, Bromic offers outdoor infrared heaters that not only keep you warm but also enhance the ambiance of your outdoor area.

What is Infrared Heat?

Infrared heat, a specific form of radiant heat, functions by emitting warmth much like the sun. When you are standing outside, you might notice the sun’s heat gradually enveloping you. Infrared heating operates on a similar principle, where objects or individuals absorb energy from the heat’s wavelength, effectively providing warmth.

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How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

An infrared heater operates by emitting a type of electromagnetic radiation that is akin to visible light but with longer wavelengths. This form of radiant heat is known as infrared heat, and it is particularly efficient at heating objects and individuals within its area. When you turn on an infrared heater, it produces and emits these infrared rays, which travel through the area and absorbed as heat on a person. Think of the sun, a fireplace, these are all similar situations.

How to Safely Use Your Infrared Patio Heater

Bromic is committed to providing infrared patio heaters that combine safety features with sleek, modern design. We provide safety instructions in our manuals to ensure that you will have peace of mind when enjoying your outdoor space. If you have any questions about safely integrating outdoor heaters, Bromic offers a complementary design service. For installation questions, you can also contact the Bromic service team. Infrared Heaters are designed to operate at very high temperatures that are safe by design. Be sure to review this detail along with any product recommendations for safe operation.

Here’s how you can make the most of your Bromic infrared patio heater while prioritizing safety and style:

Check if It’s Electric or Gas Powered

Bromic’s infrared patio heaters, and other heaters are typically powered by either electric or gas fuel. Electric heaters require little to no ventilation and may be used in an enclosed area, whereas gas powered infrared heaters require ventilation that prevents carbon monoxide poisoning or carbon dioxide build-up.

Don’t Leave Your Heater on Overnight

Your heaters are also part of the party, once you and your guests are ready to leave the space, remember to turn off your heaters.

Maintain Your Heater

One easy step that will prolong your heaters is to always cover the patio heater to protect it from moisture and debris. For gas heaters, don’t forget to regularly clean the heater’s burner and air passageways to maintain efficiency. For electric heaters, follow the manufacturers instructions and make sure the heater remains clear of debris or other obstructions.

For more safety tips for your infrared outdoor heater see our blog for Top Tips for Outdoor Heaters Safety.

How Does Infrared Heating Compare?

Infrared heating offers several advantages compared to traditional heating methods. Unlike convection heating, which warms the air in a room, infrared heating directly heats objects and people within its area. Elements such as the wind won’t affect its warmth produced.

Infrared Heating Vs. Convection Heating

Convection heating, often found in HVAC systems and indoor combined cooling/heating units, operates by heating the air and circulating it throughout space. However, it tends to be less efficient and requires more energy to maintain warmth due to its reliance on air movement. In contrast, infrared heating directly targets objects and individuals in a room using wavelengths, rather than solely warming the air.

Infrared Heating Vs. Conduction Heating

Infrared heating differs from conduction heating in how heat is transferred. Infrared heat warms objects and people directly through space, even in windy conditions, as the heat is absorbed. Conduction heat, however, occurs through direct contact with surfaces, such as floors and seating. Think of conduction as localized heating that warms surfaces through direct contact.

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What Kind of Fuel is Compatible With Infrared Patio Heaters?

This will depend on the model of the heater; you will first want to research first what fuel source can support your heaters. Take advantage of our free complimentary design service to help you find a solution for your space.

Do Infrared Patio Heaters Give Off Any Fumes?

There are no visible fumes that can be seen from infrared patio heaters. However, infrared gas heaters can produce carbon monoxide and cannot be used in enclosed spaces. Remember for gas heaters, they should only be used in a well-ventilated area. Bromic recommends a minimum of 25% open wall space to properly ventilate the area when infrared heaters are fueled by gas. Infrared heaters that are purely fueled by electricity do not produce carbon monoxide or other types of exhaust and can be used indoors or outdoors if product installation requirements are met.

Do Infrared Patio Heaters Emit Ultraviolet Waves?

The short answer is no, infrared patio heaters emit infrared, which are larger wavelengths that are not harmful.

Can Infrared Patio Heaters Be Left on All Night?

While Bromic heaters are designed for long operating times, save your money and time and remember to turn off the heaters. It’s generally not recommended to leave patio heaters unattended for extended periods, especially overnight. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe use.

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Bromic Outdoor Infrared Heater Collections

Bromic’s outdoor infrared heater collections cater to various needs and styles, providing versatile options for enhancing outdoor spaces. Choose from our collections that offer multiple mounting options, aesthetic versatility, fuel options and more. Each model is rated at an IPX to withstand elements and made to last.


The Eclipse Collection, designed with restaurants in mind, offers multiple mounting options, a choice between gas and electric fuel, and portable options. Easily enhance and add a touch of luxury with this collection to your outdoor space.


Choose between our gas or electric models from our Platinum Collection. Each Platinum heater boasts a sleek ceramic-glass surface and a stainless-steel frame, offering a sophisticated and modern aesthetic complementing any restaurant’s ambiance.


Bromic’s Tungsten Collection offers a wide range of options from gas to electric, mounted to portable and so much more. This collection features a stylish, industrial design, ensuring a balanced blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Talk to a Bromic Expert

Have a question? Need help with a design? At Bromic we pride ourselves in not only our products but our dedication to our customers as well. Talk to a Bromic expert or one of our design consultants for any of your heater needs.