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Bromic’s Platinum Smart-Heat™ Marine heaters were specifically designed to enrich the comfort experience of owners of superyachts and guests aboard cruise ships. As the only company offering outdoor heating solutions that are Lloyd’s Register Certified, Bromic prides itself as being at the forefront of design and engineering for marine environments.

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Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Marine Heater

Bromic’s Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Marine Heater enhances coastal and marine experiences with AISI316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel and an IPx55 rating. Fully enclosed with ceramic glass to protect against the elements, rust, and deterioration. With sleek design options in white or black and various mounting choices, enjoy your next voyage in comfort.

Superyacht and Cruise Ships Deck Heater - Platinum Electric Recessed in White

World’s First Lloyd’s Register Marine Heater

Part of its award-winning portfolio of premium outdoor heating, the new Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric Marine heaters are fully ENV5-certified by Lloyd’s Register, making them the first outdoor heating solutions to receive approval.

Overhead Electric Heater on Lady Lene Deck - Platinum Electric Marine

Industry-Leading 5-Year Warranty

Backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty offering peace of mind that this heater is built to last. Made to withstand corrosive environments with, a fully enclosed heater body, ceramic-glass surface, and AISI316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel.

Versatile Mounting and Colour Options

Made to blend into your space, pick from a white or black finish and mount to your liking. Installation options vary with mounting options including wall, ceiling, and recessed. With the many varying components, there is a solution.

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Explore our FAQ section below to discover the best outdoor heaters for maritime amusement, ranging from yachts to cruise ships heaters. Learn how these outdoor heating solutions can elevate your experience and maximize comfort.

What is the best type of heater for cruise ships?

Each cruise ship is unique; however some important considerations include the size and areas that need heating, what power sources are accessible, or whether you would like the heaters mounted or free-standing. Our Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric Marine are made for maritime travel as they are made of AISI316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel and made to withstand coastal environments. If further assistance is needed, we offer additional services such as our complimentary design services and technical support to alleviate your worries.

How many outdoor heaters do I need?

The number of outdoor patio heaters needed depends entirely on the size and layout of the space, as well as the size and wattage of the heaters you are installing. Let our heating experts create the perfect heat layout of your space by utilizing our complimentary design service.

What is considered Marine Grade?

• The Platinum Marine heater is made of premium 316 marine-grade stainless steel, which combats corrosive elements making it suitable for marine and coastal applications. For more information on Outdoor Heaters in Coastal Environments, visit our blog.

What are infrared heaters?

Infrared heaters, or radiant heaters, are heaters that work by emitting a form of electromagnetic radiation, similar to the sun. They heat objects, not air, and can effectively heat outdoor spaces, unlike convection heaters, which have little to no impact on an outdoor area.

Are electric outdoor heaters efficient?

How energy efficient electric heaters are depends primarily on the type of technology being used and the application layout. The most efficient electric heater will use technologies such as directional infrared heating meaning that the energy consumption is maximized to ensure heat both reaches and is absorbed by users. Additionally, proper layouts entail thoughtful placement for necessary heat coverage only where it’s needed so as not to waste additional energy on unused spaces. Check out our fuel guide to understand the differences in applications and costs.

Can outdoor heaters be left on all night?

While Bromic’s Platinum Marine heaters are designed for extended outdoor use, it is generally not recommended to leave any outdoor heater on overnight for safety and energy efficiency. We recommend turning off the Platinum Marine heaters when not in use and following the installation manuals for safe operation and maintenance.

Can electric marine heaters get wet?

Bromic outdoor heaters are made to withstand the elements. Our Platinum Electric Marine heaters are made from premium 314 stainless steel and IPX5 rated, and therefore water-resistant (low pressure water jets). However, Bromic does recommend that they are best mounted under cover and not directly exposed to rain and salt mist to ensure they maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Bromic Platinum Electric on MY LEL by Rossinavi Yachts
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