Platinum Gas Heater on Terrace

Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas

Elegant design without compromises. The Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas heater series features a signature ceramic-glass screen that provides efficient and comforting even heat distribution across large areas. Available in both natural gas and propane fuel sources, two power outputs and a wide array of ceiling and wall mounting options.

Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas

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Add style and warmth to your patio, with Bromic’s Platinum Gas range. This powerful heater combines elegant design with industry-leading technology. With its signature ceramic fascia in a sleek black finish, the Bromic Platinum Gas will not only look great on your wall or ceiling, but will also quickly project radiant heat deep into your outdoor area (up to 20m2) while adding an extra layer of comfort with its soft red glow. The Platinum Gas series successfully overcomes winds of up to 20km/h, keeping you and your guests warm in any condition.


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Features & Benefits

Built with premium stainless-steel construction, complete with a sleek ceramic glass screen and a fully enclosed body, the Platinum Gas heater provides powerful heat distribution to outdoor spaces, even in areas with high winds!

Outdoor Gas Heater
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    Mounting Flexibility

    Wall or ceiling mounted options

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    Pivot Bracket

    Allows for directional and efficient heat distribution

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    Premium Construction

    High performing stainless steel for long lasting and durable use

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    Ultimate Wind Resistance

    Innovative patented technology ensures reliable function in wind speeds up to 20 km/h

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    Environmental Efficiency

    Slow-release ceramic burners are supremely efficient and the most environmentally sustainable gas-fired heating method available.

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    Unrivalled Coverage

    Project comfort evenly across a wide expanse while reaching deeply into open areas

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    Patented Direct Ignition System

    Instantaneous ignition, whenever you require it, without the need for a pilot light

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    Stylish Tinted Glass-Ceramic Fascia

    Spread comforting heat evenly across a large area

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Please reference the specification guide below to help you select the correct solution for your needs.

HEAT AREA 12m2 20m2


Heat Blooms

Mounting Options

Bromic Platinum Gas heaters can be wall-mounted or hung from the ceiling (with optional Bromic Ceiling Pole Mounts). The optimum height is 2400mm from the floor to the bottom of the heater. If the distance above the heater is less than 1100mm or if the heater will be open to the elements, we advise to use a Bromic Heat Deflector.



Installation must be carried out by a licensed and authorised technician in accordance with local building codes. Please refer to our clearance requirements and consult the installation manual for further details.


BIM & CAD Files

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What is supplied with the mounted gas heaters?

All our Smart-Heat gas heaters come with wall mount brackets. Ceiling poles, deflectors and controllers can be purchased as additional accessories.

Can I install the heater myself?

No, our Bromic Smart-Heat gas heaters need to be installed by a licensed technician.

Do the gas heaters require an electrical supply?

Yes, these heaters have an electric ignition which requires an electrical supply.

How can I control the heater?

We recommend adding the Bromic On/Off controller and wireless remote, so the heater can be turned off and on from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, the heater can also be controlled via a standard wall switch.

Can I adjust the heat output on the gas heaters?

Our gas heaters are on/off only. If you’re looking for a dimmable option, the we would recommend our Bromic electric heaters, which allow for more precise control over the heat output.

Is the heater supplied with a heat deflector

No. Heat deflectors are available as an additional accessory.

Does the heater come with a cover?

No, we do not offer cover for our fixed installed heaters as these present a fire-hazard as there is a risk the heater might get accidentally switched on with the cover on.

Can this heater be connected to a smart home or building automation system?

Yes, the heater can be connected to smart home and building technology, provided the system has been fitted with a RS232 port. For this, you require our On/Off Controller and our Bromic Smart-Heat Link RS232 plugin.

Can this heater be connected to a smart home or building automation system?

The number of Platinum gas heaters needed depends entirely on the size and layout of the space, as well as the size and wattage of the heaters you are installing. Let our heating experts create the perfect heat layout of your space by utilizing our Complimentary Design Service.

Propane vs. natural gas: which is better?

The choice between a natural gas and electric outdoor heating depends on your specific needs and accessibility to fuel source. Not sure how to select which option is right for your space? View our Comparative Fuel Guide.

Do Platinum gas heaters need ventilation?

Bromic’s Platinum Gas heater does require ventilation as potentially harmful biproducts are released in the air. Please refer to the corresponding Installation Manual to ensure proper clearances are met for safe operation.

Are Platinum gas heaters weather resistant?

Yes, Bromic’s Platinum Collection of outdoor heaters are designed to be weather resistant. Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel with a fully sealed heater body to protect internal elements, this outdoor ceramic heater is IP certified for outdoor use, making them durable and reliable, even in various weather conditions. It is important to install these heaters under coverings to protect from the elements and conduct regular maintenance for longevity of use.

Can I leave Platinum gas heaters on all night?

While Bromic’s Platinum Collection heaters, including their Platinum Gas ceramic heater for outside, are designed for extended outdoor use, it is generally not recommended to leave any outdoor heater on overnight for safety reasons. We recommend turning off the Platinum heaters, including the ceramic heater for outside, when not in use and following the installation manuals for safe operation and maintenance. Afraid you will forget? Check out Bromic’s control options for added piece of mind.

What are the clearance requirements for Platinum gas heaters?

Consult the product installation manuals for specific clearance requirements, as these guidelines are crucial for safe and efficient operation. Generally, proper clearances are necessary to prevent hazards, ensure safety, and maintain the longevity of the heaters.

What Our Clients Say

Gas heater at restaurant patio
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The heaters are amazing and did a really nice job of keeping everyone warm. I had to turn one of them off (had bought 2) because they were so warm.

Amazon Customer Homeowner - United States
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Very easy to install and it probably is the best looking NG heater I have seen.

David Chen Homeowner - United States
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